Recent Work

EXIT (2011) 90 min (role: John)

Directed by Marek Polgar. Written by Martyn Pedler.
Music by Shaun Keyt.

A group of people believe the city is a maze and are obsessively searching for the lost exit.

Whether the exit leads to another physical world, a new dimension or an enlightened, meta-physical plane remains tantalisingly unexplained throughout this impressively written, performed and shot slow burner. Exit has the feel of an urban riff on Stalker, with the long sought after exit door promising much the same as the room at the heart of The Zone in Tarkovsky’s peerless science fiction classic. Charlie KaufmanJean-Luc Godard and the Davids Cronenberg and Lynch come to mind as well, though Polgar and Pedler are no mere imitators as Exit is possessed of its own clear style.” Eye For Film

“Marek Polgar’s Exit focuses on its characters’ Ballardian psychological makeup, exploring their rationalizations and obsessive motivations… It’s an incredible film in its own right, which is in dire need of an explanatory sequel.” Quiet Earth

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I AM EVANGELINE (2014) 92 min (role: The Doctor)

Written and directed by Christine Rogers.

In a dark and amoral city, Evangeline, a naive runaway clone, desperately tries to change her fate and find the cure she hopes will make her human.

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