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Film & Television
2015-present ONE and other pieces directed and filmed by self
2013 I Am Evangeline dir: Christine Rogers (feature)
2012 Feels Like Love dir: Sabi Paisa (10 min short)
2009-2011 EXIT dir: Marek Polgar (feature)
2008 Lost Blossoms of Solicitude dir: Neil Bilas (feature)
2007 Spin dir: John Davey (8 min short)
2007 Adrift dir: Netzer Alima (10 min short)
2006 2nd dir: Bryan de Silva (8 min short)
2006 Press Release dir: David Crynes (3 min Project Greenlight Top 50 submission)
2006 A Nocturne dir: Bill Mousoulis (feature)
2006 Searching dir: Marek Polgar (6 min short)
2006 The Composer dir: Chelvendra Sathieanandha (5 min short)
2005 Summerhouse dir: Natalie Kumpis (20 min short)
2005 Clara dir: Alana Blanch (11 min short)
2005 Juicy Lucy dir: Marek Polgar (feature)
2004 Brian dir: Jeremy Wood (12 min short)
2002 The Frotteur dir: Justin Hooper (10 min short)
2002 Reflections dir: Hamish Williams (5 min short)
1992 Chances dir: Helen Gaynor (TV series)
1991 Phoenix dir: Kate Woods (ABC TV series)
1991 Street Angels dir: Kathy Mueller (ABC telemovie)
1991 At Your Service dir: Kerry O’Reilly (pilot for TV series, Griffin Productions)
1991 Just Stepping Out dir: Judith Waller (15 min short)

2017 Rinking: Love, War and Rollerskates Tow Projects & General Strike (dir: Christine Eid)
2013 In Bed with the Elephant in the Room (dir: Catherine Simmonds)
2010 Galileo Project (dir: Lily Fish)
1991 The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter Terminal Theatre Co (dir: Laszlo Szabo)
1991 The Lover by Harold Pinter Terminal Theatre Co (dir by cast)
1981, 1982 Melb Uni Archi Revue Melb Uni student revue (dir: Andrew Fraser)

2011-2014 Butoh Dance & Movement teachers: Yumi Umiumare, Helen Smith, Seisaku, Yoshito Ohno
2001-2014 Meisner Acting Technique Actors’ Playhouse (teachers: Vicki Blanche, Simone Young)
2002 The Mastery (3 day workshop) teacher: Jo Canning
2002 The Leap (4 week f/t intensive) teacher: Simone Young
1993 Acting for film & television LJ Promotions (dir: John Gauchi)
1990 Modern Dance teacher: Margaret Lasica
1990 Dance & Movement classes teacher: Sylvia Staehli
1989, 1990 Bouffon teacher: Peter Tabor
1989 Actors’ Improvisation teacher: Laszlo Szabo
1988-1990 New Vic Theatre School teachers: Rinsky Ginsberg, Peter Tabor, Laszlo Szabo, Bobby Connely

printable pdf:  davidkemp-actingresume-2014

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